Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Beefy Bond is Here! Sapphire Insert Sneak Preview

Introducing the new "Beefy" Real Bond Watchstrap!

Thank you to all our customers who have made the Real Bond NATO and RAF watchstraps a success! Our first mill run of 500 yards of webbing has sold out, and our second mill run of Real Bond webbing is completed and available now in the following sizes: NATO 18mm, 20mm & 22mm; RAF 18mm & 20mm. (22mm RAF is still in stock in the old softer fabric).

The new webbing is fantastic! Still made in the same Scottish mill on vintage looms, we told them to make it tougher. The result is a very tough and beefy fabric, but still very comfortable. It is the toughest, tightest weave of any NATO style watchstrap webbing that we have ever seen.

Still the same price and free worldwide shipping. We know you will love it.

NEW! Phoenix Straps Ltd. NATO watchstraps in SOLID GREY AND SOLID BLACK colors.

We are very pleased to be able to expand our offerings of watchstraps to include Solid "Admiralty Grey" NATO straps in 18mm and 20mm, as well as Solid Black NATOs in 20mm. These are made by the same UK manufacturer as our Bond straps, Phoenix. The fabric is made in a different mill than our Bond straps, but also in the UK. These are the real G10 NATO style straps, exactly as issued to the British Army and Royal Navy. These are the straps that Phoenix sells to the British government. All other so-called NATO g10 straps are copies. Only Phoenix straps are the genuine issued straps.

Finally! The Bradley Dive Watch Sapphire Bezel Inserts Are Almost Ready.

After six months of waiting, we now have the prototype sapphire bezel insert in our hands! WOW, it was definitely worth the wait. They are just gorgeous, and the radius on the top of the insert looks fantastic. On the watch, the sapphire looks perfect, just the look and feel that we wanted. More details and photos to come.

Complete bezel assemblies with the new sapphire insert will be offered to existing Bradley Dive Watch buyers at our cost, $175. They are easy to switch. Also, once these are available, the Bradley will come with a choice of acrylic or sapphire inserts. The sapphire versions will be offered at an introductory price of $1,450.00 for the first 30 days only. Afterward, the price will increase. We will, however, keep the price of the acrylic insert version the same for the foreseeable future. Watch for another email announcement when these go on sale.

Our New Catalog is Now Available!

Our new Fall 2009 Corvus catalog is now available. We will be including a copy in each watchstrap order while they last. If you would like one sent to you, please send us an email at: ( )
They have lots of information about the Bradley Dive Watch and many great photos of the watch!

Look For Our New Ad and Bradley Review in WatchTime Magazine!

Our second advertisement in WatchTime magazine just hit the newsstands in the November/December issue. Our Bradley Dive Watch is also featured in a special Sports Watch section. Pick up a copy!

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  1. I've tried both the sappire, and the original acrylic. I prefer the later since it looks more tactical. I am offering my sappire bezel ring for sale @ $165.00 that includeds shipping.