Friday, September 16, 2011

The Corvus TimeSquare

We received this question through the website the other day:

I have a TimeSquare, Model:4000005 that has worked incredibly well for years, but the center two "lights" have stopped working. Can this be repaired? Thank you.

At first we thought it was spam, but then the gentleman sent the same message again and I realized what he might be getting at. A quick Google search later led to the following discovery, courtesy of something called Google Books:

We had previously learned about this "other Corvus" when a customer sent us a photo of a funky 1960's LED wristwatch made by them. It's good to know that the gentleman's Corvus TimeSquare gave him many years of good service. We are sure that our "new Corvus" timepieces will give equally good or better.

Sadly, we could not repair his TimeSquare for him.

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